Clinical Studies

Male infertility

Impryl™ provides natural metabolic support to optimise both sperm and egg quality

In published clinical studies, the most difficult cases were considered, i.e. men with high level of sperm DNA fragmentation (DFI) or decondensation of the sperm nucleus (SDI), both predictive of impaired fertility and being couples with a history of at least two ART failures. The metabolic support that Imprylcan provide reduced both indices (DFI & SDI) and pregnancy was achieved in these patients. The number and percentage of pregnancies achieved using this metabolic support were significantly superior to those in the untreated group and were much higher than would have been expected in this group of difficult patients.

55% of pregnancies with term delivery occurred spontaneously, i.e. before the couple had time to undergo the next planned ART cycle (Dattilo et a. 2014).

These data are now waiting to be confirmed by several studies that are ongoing.


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